The Brocton Republican Party endorses Larry Novak and Jeanie Falcone for State committee. In the failure to come to events, was the reason for the non endorsement of the Diehls.

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Most importantly, Novak is working on a plan to bring 5,000 unenrolled voters who used to be registered Republicans back to the Republican Party

About Larry Novak
About Larry

We Can Work Together To Create A Better Future In Brockton

Novak, a retired attorney, started working for candidates when he was 16 years old, supporting Republicans and working in the local Party headquarters. Larry is best described as tenacious, tough and shrewd – in anything he does – either in politics or in law.

First, his work for the Republican Party is legendary. He has awards all over his home that show how grateful Republican candidates and organizations have been to have his support. He holds the record as the longest-serving chairman of the Brockton Republican City Committee. He’s the former vice chairman and treasurer of the Mass.

Our Priorities

Our Priorities

To open the republican party to everyone. We believe in what president Ronald Reagan said, “we should be a big open tent”. The party the includes moderates, liberals, and conservatives. The party that believes in boarder control, quality education and allowing an individual to achieve his fullest potential. And restoring balance to Massachusetts with the two-party system.

Our Gallery

I thought it would be interesting to catch up with Larry Novak and share a bit of his legendary activist work with readers who may
not know him, but might find inspiration from his more than 50 years of Republican activism.

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